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The Dynamite Academy offers its users a wide range of training themes, divided into topics that start from personal growth to get to more technical subjects with specific specifications.

A subtle fil rouge links each of the proposed themes that, however, are united, in the operational phase, by the Dynamite Method – Learn by Doing and by the competence, made of experiences actually practiced, by certified trainers.

Evolving, through learning, is an aspect inherent in the human being. The correct transmission of personal experiences is the fundamental property to facilitate and make this process really effective.

This awareness represents the starting point on which the training method of the Dynamite Academy was subsequently developed.

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An Innovative Method.

The idea of ​​the DYNAMITE METHOD arises from the integration of the different personal and professional experiences of the founders. The mixture and the heterogeneity of the reciprocal competences, fused together with the common multiple denominator of increasing the personal awareness of the users, has given rise to a training method aimed mainly at the growth of knowledge of its own means, declared goal towards the end users.

The next, and no less important, is to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired by users of the products, both theoretical and technical, find a practical functional application not to remain pure philosophical dissertation.

The sociological and market analysis that preceded the implementation of the project, showed that in almost all areas (social, professional, sporting, academic) the technical preparation is highly privileged compared to the mental one. The comparison and direct testimony of people who have achieved important goals (professional or otherwise) has made data stand out in sharp contrast. We are deeply convinced that the importance of mental preparation is at least equal to the technical one. Moreover, following the same logic, the mental one should anticipate that technique.

The Trainers

Alberto Leonardi

4th level Master of Kick Boxing and Karate Free Style. 2 World Championships and 8 World Cups discipline Extreme Forms (Free Style acrobatic karate). Bronze Medal in the Kick Boxing World Cup. Holistic Trainer, Peak Performance and Mental Coach. Master of Visualization and Alfagenic Meditation. Master Practictioner of PNL. Life Style Coach.

Angelo Fasola

Various professional experiences in the role of Sales Manager / Marketing and Communication Manager of significant companies where he provides, among others, the skills in International Trade Law, Social Communication Technique, Industrial and Commercial Technique, Marketing, Business Strategy, Organization corporate and business planning, sociology of organizations. The training course also includes participation in seminars at the CONI Sport School, the Business School CDO (Compagnia delle Opere) and The Yorker International University.

Davide Lombardi

Multi Awarded Network Marketing leader, Coach and Trainer. Entrepreneur, holder of international patents on the E-commerce sector. Financial operator. Experiences in the real estate sector. Expert in Start Ups. 15 years of paths with metaphysical initiations (Ramtha, Kanu, Donald Walsh, Jo Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Ananda Bossman, Butto).

Gian Antonio Sforza

Professional experience in Marketing & Communication, with specific knowledge of Direct Marketing. Communication expert. He was appointed Commercial Director and Sales Manager in some significant companies and Editorial Director of a fashion magazine. Among others, Training Courses at Luiss Management – Rome and Il Sole 24 Ore Training Center – Milan.

Luca Salvadori

Senior management and technology consultant, as well as entrepreneur, with extensive experience in the management and development of new business challenges on the Internet since 1998. Project Manager / Senior Project Manager of several international development projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, in EMEA and Italy. His expertise extends across different ICT areas: e-Business, e-Commerce, e-Government, CRM, portal development and web projects, Big Data, Social Media Marketing, IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain technologies. He has always been keen on personal and motivational development paths and holistic disciplines.


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The DYNAMITE METHOD – Learn by doing has been certified as Specialized Technical Competence by Progetto Italia, a scientific research body in the social and sports field, registered in the National Research Register (Code 59948 DBI) assigned by MIUR, Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The certification is valid in Italy and abroad and recognized in order to carry out professional activities.

Progetto Italia - MIUR Certification

Top Courses

Find below the perfect topic for your personal growth or to develop your technical skills.


Dynamite Day

If you want to improve your personal, physical and mental performance, this is the course for you. A journey through the deep knowledge of the self, interactive and with the aim of getting you practical energy. You will increase self-esteem and motivation, through the knowledge of the dynamics that lead to obtain it easily.


Dynamite Insights

Deepen the theme that interests you most for your personal evolution, among those developed during Dynamite Day. Practical and interactive exercises that will allow you to identify the shortest and most effective way to improve every aspect of your evolutionary path.


Dynamite Crypto

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain … the revolution is under way. We are ready and you? Dynamite Academy has developed an articulated course over two days, during which the speakers introduce participants to this fascinating technological and financial world with the aim of making understanding in a simple way and with language suitable for everyone because we are facing a technological revolution that will change our future.

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