1501, 2018

The boiled frog principle

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The boiled frog principle (Noam Chomsky) Imagine a pot full of cold water in which a frog swims quietly. The fire is lit under the pot, the water heats up slowly. Soon it becomes lukewarm. The frog finds it rather pleasant and continues to swim. The temperature rises. Now the water is hot. A little more than the frog does not appreciate. It gets tired a little, but it [...]

1512, 2017

Are you sure you know how to communicate in the right way?

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Are you sure you know how to communicate in the right way? Communicating correctly to achieve a goal is comparable to a chess game. A bounded surface marked by antagonistic colors, where actors with precise characteristics and rules move. Who makes the right moves wins. Are you sure you know how to make the right moves and in the right time in terms of communication? Nothing is [...]

512, 2017

Metamorphosis – The pause before the change

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Metamophosis - The pause before the change The metamorphosis always occurs after a long period of pause or rest. This is why the masters sometimes retire to one place for several years. And they retreat to create a new version of themselves, as does the tree during the winter, dreaming of the awakening of spring. How does the caterpillar, falling asleep and holding back long the dream that will [...]

2811, 2017

We human beings are fragile

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We human beings are fragile. Fortunately, I add, because this differentiates us from everything that is mechanical and without soul. But it is precisely our fragility that can help us to be more aware, more constant, stronger, paradoxically. They are the opposite states that allow us to understand the differences: to know what the darkness we must compare it to light, to understand what is cold it is necessary [...]

2011, 2017

Happiness in Daily Meetings

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Happiness in daily meetings. The happiest people are those who have embarked on a journey to make their experience conscious, which therefore becomes wisdom, because the human being does not normally realize his own experience until the mind comes into play with the focus. Our goal, as you already know if you participated in at least one Dynamite Day event, is to become the Essential Self, not hindered by [...]

511, 2017

The Self-image (psycho-cybernetics)

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Self-image (psycho-cybernetic). Psycho-cybernetic is based on the studies of the aesthetic surgeon, a student of psychology and philosophy Maxwell Maltz, who discovered that even if he performed some improvements on some people, their perception of themselves did not improve and made them live as before operation, having negative results even in personal and work spheres. He was the first to talk about self-image, that is, how people represent themselves [...]



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