The boiled frog principle (Noam Chomsky)

Imagine a pot full of cold water in which a frog swims quietly.
The fire is lit under the pot, the water heats up slowly. Soon it becomes lukewarm. The frog finds it rather pleasant and continues to swim.
The temperature rises. Now the water is hot. A little more than the frog does not appreciate. It gets tired a little, but it does not get scared.

Boiled Frog Principle

The water is really too hot now …

The frog finds it very unpleasant, but it is weakened, it does not have the strength to react. Then it endures and does nothing. Meanwhile, the temperature still rises, until the moment when the frog ends – simply – boiled dead.

If the same frog had been immersed directly in the water at 50° it would have given a strong paw and would have jumped out of the pot immediately.

This experience shows that – when a change is made in a sufficiently slow manner – it escapes the conscience and does not arouse, for most of the time, no reaction, no opposition, no revolt.

If we look at what has happened in our society for some decades, we realize that we are undergoing a slow drift to which we slowly get used to it.

A lot of things, that would have made us horror 20, 30 or 40 years ago, have gradually become banal, sweetened and – today – they only slightly disturb us or leave the majority of people very indifferent.

In the name of progress and science, the worst attacks on individual liberties, on the dignity of the person, on the integrity of nature, on beauty and on the happiness of life, develop slowly and inexorably with the constant complicity of the victims, ignorant or inexperienced.

The gloomy presages announced for the future, instead of provoking reactions and preventive measures, do nothing but prepare the people psychologically to accept the decadent, even dramatic, conditions of life.

The permanent feeding of information by the media saturates the brains that can no longer discern, to think with their heads.
So if you are not like the frog, already half-boiled, give a healthy paw, before it’s too late!
Create a shock so strong that you make that jump out of the pot so you survive and evolve!

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