Are you sure you know how to communicate in the right way?

Communicating correctly to achieve a goal is comparable to a chess game. A bounded surface marked by antagonistic colors, where actors with precise characteristics and rules move.
Who makes the right moves wins.
Are you sure you know how to make the right moves and in the right time in terms of communication?

Right Communication

Nothing is more unknown than the obvious, taken for granted.

But taking for granted certain actions that we reiterate automatically without worrying about their effect, can sometimes cost more or less expensive. COMMUNICATE is one of these.

It seems a paradox, but the multiplication of the means of communication has made it much more complicated to do it with real effectiveness because, as a consequence, communications of every kind and type have also increased tenfold.

Chat, social and so on have given way to communicate also to WHO, in reality, would have nothing to say … thus causing a cosmic chaos of useless or induced communications. From the series: “Well … since everyone says theirs, then I say something, on the other hand, I would feel out …”.

And it does not matter if it is something that is truly born of one’s own thought. Just see the impressive number of shared posts and various quotes that, every day, are posted in social media, for example.

As for verbal communication, things are certainly not better.

Unless we suffer from some psychiatric syndrome, the majority of us communicate with their neighbors with the intent to get and understand the meaning of the words expressed for different purposes but, certainly, not to talk “non-stop”…

The real problem lies in the fact that we take for granted that the emission of sounds produced by us in the form of words, is in itself sufficient to make us understand.


It would be enough to know at least the basic principles of communication to realize it, but most of us from OBVIOUS and TAKEN FOR GRANTED to know how to communicate simply because it confuses him with speaking. And this misunderstanding generates hundreds of them as a logical consequence, generating a domino effect with disastrous effects.


“We were already talking about Ars Oratoria two thousand years ago (remember Cicero, for example?). If even then it was considered an art to be cultivated with precise rules, there is no doubt that to do so by instinct can generate some misunderstanding? …”

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