The offer of services for the Corporate sector is distinguished by the basic philosophy of the Method, which has in its training aimed at increasing the knowledge of its own means, the declared objective towards the end users.

The starting point must be represented by the conscious knowledge of the self, that is one of the aspects less considered by the human race, which instead represents the fundamental basis on which to base every experience, knowledge and competence.

A fragile base is not able to effectively bear the weight of growth, understood as a wealth of experience. Also, on a solid foundation it is possible to add the weight of every event of the vital path, without it collapsing. Learning is no exception.

Moreover, knowing the dynamics that constitute the fundamental bases and the ideal paths to evolve one’s own abilities, enhancing motivation and self-esteem, can only make the users more receptive and effective in the following application phase. In fact, learning based on the purely theoretical phase is pure philosophical dissertation as an end in itself.


Every company is different from one another. There are different architects, operators, situations, size, circumstances and models, regardless of the commercial sector in which it operates.

The preventive analysis of the real corporate photography is fundamental in order to be able to build an optimized internal training program ad hoc, whose purpose is to achieve actual results. This phase is decisive for the construction of the ideal proposal, since the collaboration of the company to which the service is provided is fundamental, which must necessarily be based on an objective nature.

Our offer aimed at companies provides both sessions dedicated only to the management department and to the operational one. Some, to all the staff members.

Tailored Solutions

The wide range of training themes offered by Dynamite Academy is able to embrace topics ranging from personal growth to more technical and practical topics. Below are some of the themes dedicated to the Corporate sector:

– Neural networks
– Who we really are
– The symmetry of thought

– How the brain works
– Peak performance techniques and deep knowledge of the self
– Alphaagenic views to understand the deep self and manage the unconscious

– Exercise leadership
– Role awareness
– Time management


In addition to the topics described above, which represent only a part of the entire range, we are able to offer personal and personalized sessions (as an ideal complement), as well as advisory sessions on specific topics, such as the topic of sales communication (dedicated to the sales department), sales strategies both online and offline, optimization of the digital sector and technological platforms and much more.

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