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Dynamite Day

If you want to improve your personal, physical and mental performance, this is the course for you. A journey through the deep knowledge of the self, interactive and with the aim of getting you practical energy. You will increase self-esteem and motivation, through the knowledge of the dynamics that lead to obtain it easily.


Dynamite Insights

Deepen the theme that interests you most for your personal evolution, among those developed during Dynamite Day. Practical and interactive exercises that will allow you to identify the shortest and most effective way to improve every aspect of your evolutionary path.


Dynamite Crypto

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain … the revolution is under way. We are ready and you? Dynamite Academy has developed an articulated course over two days, during which the speakers introduce participants to this fascinating technological and financial world with the aim of making understanding in a simple way and with language suitable for everyone because we are facing a technological revolution that will change our future.

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