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Dynamite Crypto – Live

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain … the revolution is under way. We are ready and you?

Dynamite Academy has developed an articulated course over two days, during which the speakers introduce participants to this fascinating technological and financial world with the aim of making understanding in a simple way and with language suitable for everyone because we are facing a technological revolution that will change our future.

After a first introductory part to understand what the blockchain is, we move on to deepen the fundamental concepts related to cryptocurrencies and their main characteristics and differences. Participants will learn more about what ICOs are (Initial Coin Offering) and what steps should be taken to participate.

We continue with an understanding of the main tools and platforms to operate with cryptocurrencies effectively.

Following the philosophy Learn by Doing the two days develop practical and interactive with frequent interactions with the speakers and the use of their PC in order to register on the main platforms and to operate on the markets live following the directions on the big screen.

Dynamite Crypto

Subjects covered

Total duration 900 minutes

  • The revolution of the blockchain

  • Cryptocurrencies and platforms to trade them

  • The differences between the cryptocurrencies

  • Secrets of trading in cryptocurrencies

  • What is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

  • Practical exercises to buy and sell a cryptocurrency

  • Practical exercises to participate in an ICO

  • Latest updates on the market and on the most interesting cryptocurrencies


Would you like to participate?

Book your place by sending an email to registration [@] dynamite.academy specifying the type of course and date and adding name, full address and telephone number. We will reply with all the details for participation.

This post is also available in: Italiano

This post is also available in: Italiano