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Dynamite Day – Live

This is an articulated route during a day, during which the speakers accompany the participants along a path characterized by themes that have the purpose of increasing personal competence, to be aimed at a growth of knowledge in general terms or to be used for more defined and precise purposes (for example, an excellent sports performance or an improvement in your profession). The starting point is the conscious knowledge of the self, that is one of the aspects less considered by the human race, which instead represents the fundamental basis on which to base every experience, knowledge and competence.

A fragile base is not able to effectively bear the weight of growth, understood as a wealth of experience. Also, on a solid foundation it is possible to add the weight of every event of the vital path, without it collapsing.

Subjects covered

Total duration 450 minutes

  • The ideal route to reach any goal – duration 60 minutes

  • Neural networks, the symbolic keys to unlock the subconscious mind and increase the power of the self – duration 160 minutes (2 modules)

  • Brainwaves, practical and interactive exercises to enhance physical and mental performance, alphagenic visualization techniques – duration 170 minutes (3 modules)

  • Increase motivation and self-esteem – duration 60 minutes


Would you like to participate?

Book your place by sending an email to registration [@] dynamite.academy specifying the type of course and date and adding name, full address and telephone number. We will reply with all the details for participation.

This post is also available in: Italiano

This post is also available in: Italiano