Happiness in daily meetings.

The happiest people are those who have embarked on a journey to make their experience conscious, which therefore becomes wisdom, because the human being does not normally realize his own experience until the mind comes into play with the focus.

Our goal, as you already know if you participated in at least one Dynamite Day event, is to become the Essential Self, not hindered by the personality and the Body.

Unhappy people, on the other hand, are those who have not undertaken the journey of the Self. In extreme cases, some of them even go to depression, because they have not learned things in order to grow and bloom like a flower.

Happiness meetings

The Essential Self is here to try to inspire us to dream of a dream …

… that will attract in our reality situations that allow us to make meetings. But many of us have seen those meetings as problems, worries and difficulties … but you must know that every encounter in our life is an opportunity!

The opportunity lies in the fact that the meeting itself is a reflection that comes from the “dark” mirror of the Subconscious … and our Self is giving us an opportunity to make that experience … But how will we face this new situation?

Will we cross it with our personality and with the chemistry of our body? Or will we face it with the Essential Self?

Every meeting is an opportunity to change our destiny. And what will our Self do? He will speak to us … in a thin voice, at first – as if he were behind a wall – but with the right training, this voice will then grow stronger and stronger. And when we are centered and we can hear it, we will draw a new map for us.

It will be at that point that we will no longer blame others for our unhappiness, because we will be aware that in reality the misery was within us … because we had taken the wrong direction.

The Essential Self has a program, which is different from that of our Personality. Together, we will break through that wall that will allow you to connect to your Essential Self.

Starting this path is like taking a hard gear, like entering a high gravity area …. the march will be difficult, because at the beginning you have to open the gap.

But when that gap opens – and you will get signals – you will feel relieved. It will be as if great pressure had been removed from your chest. You will be in the present moment and grow as an Essential Self, not burdened by the lack of yesterday, but charged only with the desire to know. It will then be that your life will become overflowing with happiness. The Essential Self will unfold and your life will never cease. You will expand.

“The soul ardently desires its own fulfillment, that its destiny be fulfilled. And our final destiny is to become the Higher Self, the Source. This is our supreme destiny.”

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