Metamophosis – The pause before the change

The metamorphosis always occurs after a long period of pause or rest.
This is why the masters sometimes retire to one place for several years. And they retreat to create a new version of themselves, as does the tree during the winter, dreaming of the awakening of spring. How does the caterpillar, falling asleep and holding back long the dream that will make it a beautiful butterfly.

Methamorphosis before change

The teacher retires …

… when he has finished an experience he has created – and understood – and that he does not want to repeat. And then, only after he has lived until the completion of that experience, he can freely create a new life, a new project to participate in. And he dreams of it. And his life does not end until he has lived the last frame of his dream. Just as the tree and the caterpillar do, they only awaken when they have dreamed of the last image of their new life. And so the tree experiences spring, summer, autumn … until the arrival of the first frost and the last frame of the dream. And so the caterpillar, until it completes its transformation into a beautiful butterfly, destroying every cell of its old body and recreating from scratch a new body.

Before a great change it is therefore essential to stop, spend time meditating on oneself, observing and dreaming of a new dream. Only in this way will life be the result of conscious development. And everything will gain meaning.

Even the people in your life will have a new meaning, because they represent a facet of ourselves. When, due to the new dream, we begin to change our personality (the internal program), the new personality will require new pre-requisites. This new personality will attract an ever greater life to itself until we finally reach that new version of ourselves.

Therefore, your new life must be created in advance through a dream. And then, only after doing so, we will work on our new opportunity, but not as a personality / body … but as an essential self!

Everyone, sooner or later, has an opportunity. And you will succeed because you will be disconnected from the rest of the world and you will encounter all the people, things and places that will ferry you into the new reality … because you will no longer have the polarizing charge and the Universe will respond to your commands.

The pineal gland, which synthesizes serotonin and melatonin, and which provides for the synthesis of melatonin in betacarbulin – in particular pinaline – is the gland responsible for the dream. It produces the chemistry that allows the synapses of the brain to communicate at the quantum level. This is the dream state … and if we are lucid dreamers we can build our dream so that it influences the quantum level in our brain. And if we do, we create our Primary reality, regardless of what is “out there” (Secondary reality or external environment).

There is a joy in the soul that no man / woman in his personality or in his own Animal Self (linked to survival) will ever find. There is an incredible joy that awaits you at the next level of the dream.

And when you choose the soul, there will never be a dull day for you. Every day will be exciting! You will not wait to meet, to test yourself, you will never personally take what another one will tell you, because you will have learned to say:

– “the Observer understands you in me. I do not blame you for anything. ”
… it’s still …
– “My research is not about you, but about myself … My task is not to conquer you, but myself. I do not care that you hate me. Do you want any other reasons to hate me? I will give them to you … But do not spare your hatred “.
… or …
– “I want to love you enough to let you make me big. So … just hate me! ”

You will never know who you really are, as long as you do not have the opportunity to fight with something that challenges you!

Masters never take anything personally.

When you stop taking it personally you will begin to live a conscious life. You will no longer see people as “petty”, but as opportunities that you have created. And when you start to understand it, you will simply smile … when you meet them.

They will not be able to get you anything, on the contrary, they will give you strength and prestige. It will be then, that you will learn to love your “enemies”, because your enemies will make you great! And it will be easy, because in reality you will no longer see them as enemies … because you will have removed the emotional charge connected to them and you will no longer be polarized in duality. You will be at the center, where you are “the Observer without Judgment”. And when you are at the center, there is no suffering, no attachment. And where there is no attachment, there is peace.

You will be free to create a new life. You will meet the mystic, the miraculous, because you will have learned to change the root of yourself, your personality, your genetic destiny implanted by your parents and teachers at school. That fate that first made you see everything gray and deprived you of knowing the magic of life. The same magic that leads to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar in a butterfly … or the transformation of a tree in spring.

“I am waiting for you, for your metamorphosis, at a Dynamite Day!
We’ll take out the butterfly in you!”

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