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Learn by doing, the best way to consolidate functional learning


The sociological and market analysis that preceded the drafting of the DYNAMITE Method – Learn by doing, showed that in almost all areas (social, professional, sporting, academic) the technical preparation with respect to the mental one is clearly privileged. The comparison and direct testimony of people who have achieved important goals (professional or otherwise) has made data stand out in sharp contrast. We are deeply convinced that the importance of mental preparation is at least equal to the technical one. Moreover, following the same logic, the mental one should anticipate technical one.

The communication language is designed to be intended for the understanding of the majority of potential users, regardless of their preparation, socio-cultural and experiential extraction, since based on simple communication with an eye towards the emotional aspect, bearing in mind that the two main laws that regulate human learning are those of association and repetition. The dynamism of the language also consists in the alternation of theory and practice in such a way as to make it easier to consolidate the concepts, facilitating memorization, of the users.

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Transfer, to those who use our courses, concepts and themes that are complementary to each other and that are really preparatory to personal growth. We strongly believe in a method of transferring concepts that is not based only on theory, but which is also accompanied by the practical phase, in order not to remain pure philosophical dissertation. A method that provides a simple language, seasoned by the right emotional dose, necessary for proper reception and sedimentation. The teaching material always made available to the students, closes the circle that characterizes our method.

Be seriously funny. Learning, if there is the will to do it, is simple. Teaching, suggesting, opening horizons is not at all. Or at least it is not if the attention of those who transfer the concepts is focused on personal performance: dynamism, variations, improvisations, are part of an experiential baggage that privileges first, above all, the real protagonists of the events: who participates as a listener. The communication technique, aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in terms of learning, is the most important objective for us.

To maintain, increase and aspire to offer a high standard of proposals and themes, with an eye always turned towards the future and constant improvement. In an era of substantial and rapid changes in all aspects, it is essential to capture every nuance of this process to offer and develop topics that effectively reflect the needs that are appropriate to current times. For this reason, the method is constantly improved and adapted to these dynamics, without ever taking anything for granted. Nothing is more unknown than the obvious.

It is simply that of transferring concepts that, in terms of value, are congruent with the expectations of those who receive them, avoiding high-sounding and triumphalistic promises, often generating unsustainable expectations that, inevitably, give rise to disappointments. The correct balance is similar to a strong and static structure on which we can also support weights of a certain size, without it collapsing. Promising only what can be maintained is a fundamental aspect, precisely to avoid any kind of imbalance in terms of external expectations.

To love deeply what is done is the main peculiarity to do it well. And it is the main value on which the belief in the method is based on all the certified speakers of the Dynamite Academy. Intellectual honesty, ethics, professional seriousness, dedication are simply direct consequences of the passion that drives any activity. Therefore, instead of focusing on a list of values based on ethics, we prefer to focus on what we consider most important.



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