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Dynamite Yourself

This is an articulated route during a day, during which the speakers accompany the participants along a path characterized by themes that have the purpose of increasing personal competence, to be aimed at a growth of knowledge in general terms or to be used for more defined and precise purposes (for example, an excellent sports performance or an improvement in your profession). The starting point is the conscious knowledge of the self, that is one of the aspects less considered by the human race, which instead represents the fundamental basis on which to base every experience, knowledge and competence.

A fragile base is not able to effectively bear the weight of growth, understood as a wealth of experience. Also, on a solid foundation it is possible to add the weight of every event of the vital path, without it collapsing.

Dynamite Day

Total duration 450 minutes

The ideal route to reach any goal – duration 60 minutes

The real problem is to understand, evaluate and be able to estimate what the real consistency of your base is: in other words, the more you really know yourself and your base state, the more effectively you can intervene with the appropriate changes. On the contrary, the erroneous evaluation of one’s “starting point” can only lead to a series of inconsistencies towards personal and professional expectations which, once disregarded, we will call adverse destiny, misfortune and so on. Any path has a starting point and an arrival point: but if the latter is imagined and ideally embodied to reach the final goal, the starting point is almost always taken for granted. An error that, in many cases, generates irreversible conflicts in the soul. Once the correct starting point has been established, to reach any goal it is necessary to have a well-defined project with precise characteristics. Without it, the chances of success (whatever the nature of the goal) become smaller in percentage.

Neural networks, the symbolic keys to unlock the subconscious mind and increase the power of the self – duration 160 minutes (2 modules)

A further step of the path provides the knowledge of the dynamics that our brain uses to build its neural networks and the related synapses: this expertise is necessary to best use the symbolic equipment with which it is possible to intervene to improve our weaknesses. The most powerful and versatile computer that man has at his disposal is represented by his own brain: it is able to process billions of information in real time but, on average, we limit ourselves to make it work for no more than 3% of its real potential, above all because we do not know the dynamics that regulate its main activities.

Conscious and subconscious are two entities that coexist within our thinking “I”. Their erroneous evaluation in terms of importance in the regulation of our thoughts, in many cases originates behavioral discrepancies that we ourselves do not know how to explain. In reality, the unconscious (linked to the body) is clearly prevalent with respect to the conscious, so that often the mind (ie the brain in action) ends up becoming the servant unconsciously.

The brain works in two main ways: that of survival and that of creation.

The first is linked to ancestral remembrance, when primitive man was forced to live in a state of constant alert for defense against aggression and the necessary search for food (similar to the present day with the daily stress derived from other types of symbolic assaults ) and is conditioned by the chemical substances produced by the stress (adrenaline, cortisol, etc.). In this state the body, the environment and time prevail and condition every thought and action.

On the contrary in the state of creation, external conditioning disappears and the effect of the chemicals produced is canceled. The concentration of the mind is entirely focused on the level of neutral thought and our perception of the external world changes completely: in this state there is joy, expansion, inspiration, tolerance and freedom.

It is the apotheosis of the creative state (such as in the falling-in-love phase), since it is the chemistry produced by the new sensations that makes us perceive the new reality on a corporeal level.

How to intervene in a practical way to wire new programs, uninstalling the old neural networks to enter new ones, is also explained with the help of some videos that reproduce in a clear and simple, but very effective, the dynamic produced by the thoughts. In fact, as human beings we have the great privilege of being able to make thought more real than anything else. A relatively simple operation if it is clear how to do it. Upon completion, an interactive and practical exercise is conducted.

Brainwaves, practical and interactive exercises to enhance physical and mental performance, alphagenic visualization techniques – duration 170 minutes (3 modules)

The next topic begins with a study on the characteristics of the different brain waves (Gamma, Beta, Alfa, Theta and Delta) with which the mind works during its functional states: each of them, expressed in Hz, distinguishes very precise phases of the man’s behavior. Understanding its peculiarities means having more possibilities to orientate one’s state of being, to the point of being able to modify it and adapt it to the need of the moment.

Starting from the concept, now scientifically proven by studies that are cited, that the human brain does not distinguish what is true from what is strongly imagined, is made to perform a dynamic stretching exercise (a simple twist of the bust with the index finger extended) which aims to demonstrate, in real time, how imagination can change physical as well as psychic potentials. In short, it is the internal reality that creates the external one.

Followed by interactive exercises (of which the users are protagonists) that are helpful to the use of lateral thinking, or serve to stimulate the brain to get out of predisposed patterns that most people continue to follow in an automatic and unconscious. A minimum mental effort would allow to reach different points of view that avoid continually repeating patterns of habitual thought, destined to always obtain the same, discounted outcomes. Einstein himself, for example, argued that none of his extraordinary insights are derived from the use of the rational mind.

Other exercises (always practical and interactive) have the aim to directly sedate, through the demonstration, the concepts expressed at the theoretical level: The Mantra for Kinesiology (that is the aloud repetition of a vocal command directed at oneself ) demonstrates how it can trigger the neural activation that is transferred to the muscle bundles; The Alfagenic Visualization, an important preparation for relaxation, is used to visualize and enhance one’s self-image (typical scheme used by high-level athletes), while the Circle of Excellence has the function of increasing the power (physical and mental) ) to obtain outstanding performances, not only in sports, but also in other aspects of daily life. Basically an energy reserve to be used where and when necessary.

Increase motivation and self-esteem – duration 60 minutes

Closes the entire session an intervention that summarizes all the concepts expressed in different terms in the previous ones, giving new inputs that can now be used in a practical way to maintain a constant motivation and increase self-esteem. Once the information on the dynamics that regulate the functionality of the brain is obtained, it becomes easier to understand how to give a motivational push at the endogenous level, thus becoming independent from external conditioning.

The unconscious search for homeostasis on the part of the human being, from the first to the last moment of life, is an activity that obliges the “IO” to dispose of incredibly expensive energy every day. If this energy were somehow reused consciously, the human being would be able to perform any activity with zero effort. The real difficulty lies in having the understanding of the various basic states, as already underlined. The 4 main steps of evolution in this sense are: Unconsciously Unwanted, Consciously Unable, Consciously Skilled and finally Unconsciously Skillful, the state, that is, which makes us able to carry out activities with automatism.

Basically, it is a matter of returning to the ideal state where man is already naturally, that of childhood. In fact, children find themselves effortlessly in the state of creation, they are not conditioned by the possibility of making mistakes and by the judgment of the people who derive from it, they have a lot of fun and so on). It is the subsequent external conditioning (parents, educational institutions, environment and sociality) that have the power to condition their behavior, ending up in order to derail them from a track that, in itself, was genetically predisposed to reach every goal. The child is born with the right motivation and perfect self-esteem. Hence the need to make a journey forward, with an eye of particular respect to the past.

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