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Dynamite Insights

The themes dealt with during Dynamite Day can be deepened with different sessions, whose duration allows to develop the topics in a much more exhaustive way. Each of the sessions gives the opportunity to choose the theme that best suits your needs, choosing the possible order and subjective relevance. Language is always characterized by dynamism, combined with “learn by doing”, to allow learning that is not based exclusively on the theoretical enunciation of the notions. In fact, there are many interactive exercises scheduled in the various sessions ranging from topics oriented towards personal growth, to others of a more technical nature.

The denominator that unites them all is to make them immediately applicable effectively in the real context, not to remain only academic philosophy. All topics, even those apparently distant from each other, have been designed to offer a complete range of information that has the ultimate goal of being functional for personal growth. Interactivity with users, on the other hand, has the function of making the process of settling the received data simpler and more effective.

Dynamite Insights

Alphagenic Views – duration minutes 210/450

This path will teach you how to best use your imagination (psychophysical relaxation, ideoprogramming and visualization), as well as dialogue with your true deepest SE learning to really know it. At the same time, you can increase your psycho-physical energy and increase self-esteem in a decisive way.

Journey to the center of the world – duration minutes 210/450

It is a journey to the center of your inner world, where you will find your true essence (philosopher’s stone). According to the alchemists, the path leads within oneself towards a kind of inner and hidden sanctuary. The arrival at the center introduces into an invisible dwelling, which everyone can imagine according to his own intuition. Within this center there is a real transformation of the ego that is established on the path of return, during the passage from darkness to light.

The alchemy of words – duration minutes 170/360

You will learn how to handle intra and extra personal communication, capturing the secrets of the power of words we use towards ourselves and others. You will learn how to assert yourself with assertiveness exercises. You will understand how to stay focused with your thinking on a single goal. You will work on the techniques that will allow you to remove the labels that have been given to you or that you have attributed yourself. In addition, you will find out how to find the best strategy, thanks to working with the time line. All of this will give you the opportunity to take back your personal power.

The correct drafting of a project – duration minutes 210/450

Having a project for any path you want to take, both from a personal and professional point of view, is essential to be able to complete it. It is a guideline that allows you to optimize all the physical and mental energy generated by motivation. However, to be functional and effective, the project must contain specific characteristics, defined and adapted ad personam, according to the principle that even different people who have the same project / objective have different starting points. We will advise you how to lay out your ideal project with interactive exercises.

Endogenic Motivation – duration minutes 170/360

Having adequate and constant motivation to pursue our goals is certainly one of our aspirations. Even if there is no magic formula to obtain it and keep it alive at all times, the knowledge of all the components that compete (in the correct miscellanea) to build it, is able to bring very sensible advantages. The starting point is the search for balance (homeostasis) to align the value of self-esteem. You will understand how the two values ​​are complementary to one another and learning the techniques to create, and self-nourish, a constant and solid motivation.

Advanced Communication Techniques – duration minutes 210/450

Communicating in the right way to achieve a goal is comparable to a chess game. A surface bounded and marked by antagonistic colors, where actors with precise characteristics and rules move. Who makes the right moves wins. Especially in this period, the increase in the media has generated further difficulties in putting into practice an art that is still the first form of communication between humans. You will learn the most significant principles and techniques, learning to use the word in a practical and functional way, and then finalizing it to your personal and professional needs.

The Symetry of Thinking – duration minutes 210/450

Predestination and Free Arbitration – duration minutes 210/450

Remember the Future – duration minutes 170/360

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