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Facebook for Business

Facebook has become an extraordinarily effective means of promotion and the data bears witness to this: only in Italy, 3.7 million against the 2.5 million in 2014 are published every 60 seconds. An exponential growth that can not be underestimated by anyone who intends to use this means on a professional level.

A totally practical and interactive session, where you can work in real time to optimize the use of your Fan Page, with the aim of getting new contacts and customers for your business. We will suggest innovative techniques and the best strategies that this means to identify new contacts / customers and increase your revenues. In real time, you can implement your strategy through the support of speakers and analyze the results obtained.

You will have a convenient desk to work with your PC, a power outlet and an internet connection to work live, together with the speaker.

If you want to find out how to increase the number of your potential customers, with current techniques and optimized for this means of communication, do not miss this opportunity.

Facebook for Business

Total duration: 450 minutes

Facebook for business: overview – duration 45 minutes

Why and how Facebook is a significant means of communication for small / medium enterprises (SMEs), with a brief overview of all the opportunities that the social offers in terms of communication: general introduction, deepening of the concept of brand, the various aspects fan page and an overview of the types of post ideal to publish. Moreover, more information on how to get likes and the various types of paid ads.

Facebook for business: branding – duration 60 minutes

The cutting of this module is very practical, as our philosophy based on learn by doing provides. A pre-selected participant will execute the indications of the speaker, so that all the participants can perform the same actions in real time, to optimize their page with the following purposes:

• Check the current account settings
• Creation of the company fan page
• Creation of the main image (with graphic programs)
• Creation of significant posts
• Invitation to friends to put the like on their page
• Other free techniques to get like

Facebook for business: registration to business manager – duration 45 minutes

Registration to Business Manager. Because it is important and what functionality it covers. Guided and commented recording to Business Facebook: how to register, how to configure the account, how to define the roles and rights, activation of the payment method.

Facebook for business: audience insights – duration 45 minutes

Audience insights: practical explanation of how to use this free Facebook tool to identify the most appropriate target for your marketing campaigns.

Facebook for business: get like fast – 60 minutes
Practical exercise aimed at obtaining fast-paying likes on a corporate fan page:

• Target identification
• Brief introduction to the Ads part
• Creation of ads with image and text
• Launch campaign

Facebook for business: how to make a promotional campaign – duration 90 minutes

How to build and launch a paid promotional campaign, aimed at increasing customers and generating sales, is a session that involves the collaboration of a company that will act as a tester and is therefore totally interactive. The first results will be commented at the end of the workshop. This module includes:

• Definition of the campaign strategy
• Definition of the target in the local area
• Preparation of the ad with suitable images
• Setting up and launching the live campaign

Facebook for business: how to generate and capture contacts (leads) – duration 90 minutes

The next module is also interactive and is aimed at building and launching a paid promotional campaign, with the aim of obtaining qualified contacts. Also in this case a company, among the participants, will act as a tester. The first results will be commented at the end of the workshop.

• Definition of the campaign strategy
• Identification of the target based on interests
• Ad preparation with suitable images
• Setting up and launching the live campaign

Facebook for business: analysis and feedback – duration 15 minutes

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