Self-image (psycho-cybernetic).

Psycho-cybernetic is based on the studies of the aesthetic surgeon, a student of psychology and philosophy Maxwell Maltz, who discovered that even if he performed some improvements on some people, their perception of themselves did not improve and made them live as before operation, having negative results even in personal and work spheres.

He was the first to talk about self-image, that is, how people represent themselves in their mind.


This self-image is formed with the experiences and results achieved over time …

… whether the latter are positive or negative. Often, however, people identify themselves with negative ones, thus altering their perception and image.

Working on the image of his patients, Maltz was able to change the perception of himself to many people giving a turn to their lives that became satisfying and winning in all areas, “only” operating in their unconscious, removing the mental scars and instilling the best image they could have of themselves.

All this has given rise to numerous studies on psycho-cybernetics, to then come to understand that the conscious mind can give inputs to the unconscious that becomes a servo mechanism tending towards a goal, both positive and negative.

Clinging to the will to fight often is not enough and does not give the desired results.

The servo mechanism called the unconscious is a mechanism that constantly pushes us towards the objective installed through the mental images we have created; for this reason it is very important to understand the machine language of this mechanism and that the only language that knows and understands are the mental images, the symbols and the archetypes.

Therefore, to achieve success in every area we need to manage and install successful images of ourselves, with all related and congruent emotions and feelings.

After giving the information to our unconscious, it will work constantly to reach the goal.

“People who wish to improve certain aspects of themselves, characteristics possessed, potential, etc., must acquire new positive experiences, experiencing “success”, seeing it in advance. IMAGINE THE BEST “YOURSELF” … IF YOU WANT TO BECOME IT!”

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