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We are getting amazing reviews from our students. After attending our courses they are empowering themselves in ways they could never imagine. Read below these amazing stories.

“Already the rhythm of the music that accompanied the beginning of the course made me realize that in Dynamite Day there was something different, special …. The speakers with their experiences, humility and passion have managed to lead me into a journey inside of myself and of my mind, helping me to see things from different perspectives. Thanks Dynamite!”

Eliana Carli, Paese (Treviso) - Italy

“For me, during Dynamite Day, it was like diving into myself, discovering that, through a path, it is possible to obtain concrete results to improve myself and get to know me deeply, and all this thanks to special and prepared people, who take you by hand to bring you to discover this unique and infinite world.”

Barbara Bergaglio, Gavi (Alessandria) - Italy

“An absolutely positive experience !! The Dynamite Academy team satisfied my every question mark, in every aspect and on several days, with hours and hours of intense work and perseverance. Many exercises aimed at improving oneself, and suggestions to identify the starting point for each path you want to take in life. I recommend everyone to try this route!”

Loris Clerico, Alessandria - Italy

“I have participated several times in the various courses of the Dynamite Academy program and I can assure you that it is worthwhile … Arguments, contents, professionalism, helpfulness, friendliness and fun are the strengths!! To get useful training I can not do anything but recommend Dynamite Academy. The speakers give it all but the results, it is clear, depend on personal application.”

Max Bersanetti, Ferrara - Italy

“With great pleasure I can say that I have known and participated in several Dynamite Academy events, in particular, I think Dynamite Day is a very important and valid course to receive the fundamentals, in addition to the right motivation, to improve both professional and personal performance. I really recommend it to everyone! I also thank the speakers for the great lessons received.”

Francesco Tinazzi, Pravisdomini (Pordenone) - Italy

“Participating in Dynamite Day has awakened in me the will and determination to overcome my psychological blocks. The result was to have found within me the right motivation to realize a great dream represented by the desire to publish my first book. The Dynamite speakers were the architects of my change, giving me the determination to reach my goals. Thank you guys!!”

Paola Vecchiato, Sermide (Mantova) - Italy

“Knowing oneself is essential for improving and making a concrete contribution to the improvement of society. The Dynamite Academy training program takes care of this: trained, passionate and friendly speakers, accompany you on a path of growth that makes you want never stop. Absolutely not to be missed.”

Gabriele Piva, Ceneselli (Rovigo) - Italy

“I’m Monica Pellicari, woman, wife and mother, for each of these roles can not be said to have ever become masters, but it is real to always remain apprentices. In life you never stop learning and the extraordinary thing is that during Dynamite Day you not only learn valuable concepts, but you also have the opportunity to meet people who share different experiences with you from different perspectives, all of which help in the growth process, to overcome your mental and non-mental limits, as well as know how to break those chains that often make you relegate to the easy position of comfort. I personally had an extraordinary experience at the Dynamite that I recommend to everyone.”

Monica Pellicari, Imperia - Italy
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