We human beings are fragile.

Fortunately, I add, because this differentiates us from everything that is mechanical and without soul. But it is precisely our fragility that can help us to be more aware, more constant, stronger, paradoxically. They are the opposite states that allow us to understand the differences: to know what the darkness we must compare it to light, to understand what is cold it is necessary to feel the opposite sensation and so on.

I believe in me

If you notice, there are a lot of dualisms in terms of states of the soul.

But we have come to this earth with the unconscious desire to savor them all, even the least desired. It is a road that we travel daily and that often costs us a lot in terms of energy expenditure, both physical and psychological, sometimes so exhausting to take over every other aspect of life. It is the search for homeostasis, equilibrium, that is the state that we unconsciously begin to try to reach from the first whim we emit, just born.

Yes, because in that state we reach the centering of the soul, the ecstasy, the bliss … without external influences, without interference. And at that moment we meet the essence of our INNER self. It is a state of grace.

And it is at that moment that our SELF ESTEEM reaches its peak and at that moment it seems indestructible and powerful, capable of making us reach any state of well-being.

Then, however, we must return to the ground and it seems that everything and everyone agree to rally against us … ..and our fragility soon leads us to the opposite state.

“But the good thing is that once you find the way to balance, the next one will be easier and the one after that will still be easier.
Because everything can be trained in our mind. Also to achieve constant self-esteem.”

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